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Messiah ben David will reign as a Jewish king during the period when God will resurrect the dead.

With the ascendancy of Rabbinic Judaism the Righteous Priest has largely not been the subject of Jewish messianic speculation.

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The suffering messiah was marginal in his Hebrew writings.

The Kol Ha Tor, written by Rabbi Hillel Rivlin, deals at length with the Messiah ben Joseph and his role in bringing back the exiles and rebuilding the Land of Israel.

The Testament of Benjamin was probably expanded later to include a reference to Messiah ben Joseph by Jewish sources.

The Testament of Joseph on the other hand was probably altered by Christians to read that the virgin born Lamb of God from the tribe of Judah rather than the lamb son of Joseph would conquer. Sefer Zerubbabel, also called the Book of Zerubbabel or the Apocalypse of Zerubbabel, is a medieval Hebrew apocalypse written at the beginning of the 7th century in the style of biblical visions (e.g.

Jewish tradition alludes to four messianic figures.

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