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November 6, 1850, marked the first new era in its history when the hospital occupied a new building on Clinton Street near St. A free dispensary was by this time an important feature.Antonie, which had been erected by popular subscription at a cost of ten thousand dollars. While patients were received mainly on order from the director of the poor, others could secure board and attendance by the week at prices not greatly differing from present time hospital rates. Mary’s Hospital has 330 beds, besides operating an out-patient department.Kundig, priest of Holy Trinity Church, was quick to realize the emergency, for so great was the general terror that sometimes when one person was attacked in a house, the rest of the family would flee, leaving the victim to the care of physicians and nurses.

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They built fences across the roads leading out of Detroit and tore up the bridges.

Some Detroit people who went to a tavern in Rochester were turned into the street and had their baggage thrown out after them.

The county allowed him 16 cents a day for the care of the inmates; but the actual cost was about double that amount, for provisions were hard to get, and labor was scarce, owing to the departure of many people from the city.

There were more than 100 inmates of the poorhouse, and sixty of those were invalids.“There were no nurses to keep up treatments after the doctors had left to hurry to the next sufferer, so Fr.

Michigan, however, is unique in that it both lies on an international frontier and has a bi-peninsular shoreline.

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