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Deusdedit, who is also called Adeodatus Adjuration - An urgent demand made upon another to do something, or to desist from doing something, which is rendered more solemn by coupling with it the name of God Adonai - Hebrew meaning 'lord, ruler', a name bestowed upon God in the Old Testament Adoption - Adoption, as defined in canon law, is foreign to the Bible Adoption, Supernatural - The adoption of man by God in virtue of which we become His sons and heirs Adoptionism - The theory that the man Jesus at some point in time became the Son of God only by adoption. 1260 Adrian I, Pope - Reigned 772-95 Adrian II, Pope - Reigned 867-872 Adrian III, Pope Saint - Short article on this pope, a Roman, who died in 885 Adrian IV, Pope - Reigned 1154-1159 Adrian V, Pope - A Genoese, and nephew of Innocent IV.Strictly speaking, refers to an eighth-century Spanish heresy, but the term is also used to cover similar beliefs Adoration - In the strict sense, an act of religion offered to God in acknowledgment of His supreme perfection and dominion, and of the creature's dependence upon Him Adoration, Perpetual - A term broadly used to designate the practically uninterrupted adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Adoro Te Devote - A hymn sometimes styled Rhythmus, or Oratio, S. He was elected at Viterbo 12 July 1276, but died 18 August Adrian VI, Pope - Reigned 1522-1523 Adrian of Canterbury, Saint - African-born Benedictine abbot, d.1166 or 1167 Aeons - The term appropriated by Gnostic heresiarchs to designate the series of spiritual powers evolved by progressive emanation from the eternal Being Æsthetics - May be defined as a systematic training to right thinking and right feeling in matters of art, and is made a part of philosophy by A. Baumgarten Affinity (in the Bible) - Scripture recognizes affinity as an impediment to wedlock Affinity (in Canon Law) - A relationship arising from the carnal intercourse of a man and a woman, sufficient for the generation of children, whereby the man becomes related to the woman's blood-relatives and the woman to the man's Africa - This name, which is of Phoenician origin, was at first given by the Romans to the territory about the city of Carthage African Liturgy - In use not only in the old Roman province of Africa of which Carthage was the capital, but also in Numidia and Mauretania African Synods - Commonly called African or Carthaginian Synods Agabus - Mentioned in Acts , and , as a prophet of the New Testament Agape - Under certain circumstances the agape and the Eucharist appear to form parts of a single liturgical function Agapetus I, Pope Saint - Anti-Arian, instrumental in deposing a Monophysite bishop who had moreover abandoned his see, d.

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Poor Clare, prioress Agnes of Rome, Saint and Martyr - Virgin, martyred at the age of 12 or 13, revered since at least the mid-fourth century Agnosticism - A philosophical theory of the limitations of knowledge, professing doubt of or disbelief in some or all of the powers of knowing possessed by the human mind Agnus Dei - The name given to certain discs of wax impressed with the figure of a lamb and blessed at stated seasons by the Pope Agnus Dei (in Liturgy) - A name given to the formula recited thrice by the priest at Mass in the Roman rite Agony of Christ - The word is used only once in Sacred Scripture (Luke ) to designate the anguish of Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemani Agrapha - Term for alleged sayings of Jesus, found in ancient Christian writings, not included in the canonical Gospels Agreda, Maria de - Franciscan mystic (1602-1665) Agrippa of Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius - Described as a 'knight, doctor, and by common reputation, a magician' Aidan of Lindisfarne, Saint - Irish monk, first bishop of Lindisfarne, d.

651 Aisle - In architecture, one of the lateral or longitudinal divisions of a church, separated from the nave by rows of piers, pillars, or columns Alanus de Rupe - Dominican promoter of the Rosary (1428-1475) Alb - A white linen vestment with close fitting sleeves, reaching nearly to the ground and secured round the waist by a girdle Alban, Saint - First martyr of Britain, d. Biographical article Albania - The ancient Epirus and Illyria, is the most western land occupied by the Turks in Europe Albert the Great, Saint - Called 'the Universal Doctor.' Dominican scientist, philosopher, theologian, instructor of St.

Clare, and prioress of the Poor Clares at Monticelli Agnes of Bohemia, Blessed - Also called Agnes of Prague.

Poor Clare, prioress Agnes of Prague, Blessed - Also called Agnes of Prague.

He was executed at Tyburn in the beginning of the year 1538 Alma - A Hebrew word signifying a 'young woman', unmarried as well as married Alms and Almsgiving - Any material favour done to assist the needy, and prompted by charity Aloysius Gonzaga, Saint - Short biography of this Jesuit student, who died in 1591 at the age of 23 Alpha and Omega (in Scripture) - Employed from the fourth century as a symbol expressing the confidence of orthodox Christians in the scriptural proofs of Our Lord's divinity Alpha and Omega - Includes Jewish and Christian meanings Alphabet, Christian Use of the - The Hebrew, Greek and Latin alphabets have been variously made use of in Christian liturgy Alphonsus Liguori, Saint - Long biographical article on the founder of the Redemptorists and devotional writer Alphonsus Rodriguez, Saint - Spanish-born widower, Jesuit lay brother, served as porter at Majorca for 46 years, d. Also known as Alonso Alsace-Lorraine - The German Imperial Territory so known, and divided for State purposes into three civil districts Altar Breads - Bread is one of the two elements absolutely necessary for the sacrifice of the Eucharist Altar Candles - For mystical reasons the Church prescribes that the candles used at Mass and at other liturgical functions be made of beeswax Altar Candlesticks - Consists of five parts: the foot, the stem, the knob about the middle of the stem, the bowl to receive the drippings of wax, and the pricket, i.e.

Apostolic dating rules

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