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by  |  05-Aug-2019 18:40

Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Filter Pivot Table() Application.

application screenupdating false vba-77

Visible = False End With End Sub But I want all except K010 to become invisible The macro recorder ignores my select/deselect all clicks Sub Filter Pivot Field(Field As Pivot Field, Value) Application.

Orientation = xl Column Field Then Dim i As Long On Error Resume Next ' Needed to avoid getting errors when manipulating Pivot Items that were deleted from the data source.

Near the end of the code, the "Ward Clinic_Category" is a column of my data and in the column label of the pivot table. End(xl Down)) 'Creates Pivot Cache and Pivot Table: Worksheets("Raw_Data").

I definitely took some of this code from other sites fyi. Create(Source Type:=xl Database, Source Data:=rng Data.

", vb Information vb Yes No, "Excel-VBA") = vb Yes Then av Files = Application.

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