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The Social Security Law Group, LLP, is a Boston-based law firm that assists clients in the application process for SSI or SSDI benefits from the Social Security Administration.

We have a physical presence and have a screening process where we ACTUALLY meet our candidates and photograph them, profile them.

This prevents the problem of “misrepresentation” and saves your time and feelings.

In the long court days to come it will become apparent whether the SSA will be found guilty of violating the information laws and be required to amend its inconsistent actions, or whether lawyers like those in the Boston firm will have to ‘”take up the cause” of the poor, disabled, and uninsured that much more zealously.i am having issue with a albany oregon worker who keeps lying to me and about and this lying ho is handling my medical advice because i know they are planning to take my ssi benefits from me.

Hi Raymond, I would get in touch with a disability lawyer.

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