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If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this website. Sometimes it is a struggle to be present in your current situation and celebrate the beauty of where you are, rather than long for what you have left behind.

I want to experience Tasmanian joviality and mainland Australian kindness on a daily basis.

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Although it is true that those initial feelings of strangeness have subsided, I still feel that something will never be the same even now, so many years later.

What I constantly contend with now is a continual pull to go back; a pull to go back anywhere as long as it isn’t here.

The joy of having spent time in another country is that you slowly become a part of it and bit-by-bit one of its people.

Our attention to detail is heightened and we make a concerted effort to understand and fit in until we become one with our new location.

What I have seen and felt and heard and smelled in each of the places I have lived has made me who I am, like a wine having picking up its surrounding elements.

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