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As the circle of friends navigate the path toward adulthood their relationships change, new powers emerge, the dead come back to life, and love happens. Himself, specifically: he's wearing Urahara's newest de-powered gigai.

Ichigo pretends he minds the break from normalcy.[A post-ending, epilogue-defying look at these idiots after the end of Bleach.] As Ywach destroys Muken, Aizen escapes and finds a surprisingly alive Gin in the wreckage.

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Also, having a literal King as your spirit-companion can truly be a troublesome matter.

Ichigo Kurosaki loses his powers after the winter war and comes to terms with the loss with the help of his friends. Grimmjow turns up on Ichigo's doorstep dressed to kill.

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To think that a little rubbery human ball of energy was Ichigo's Omega was almost unbelievable, and that his own long lost twin sister was Grimmjow's Alpha was even more unbelievable! Naruto life was hell, he didn't like it, and he would do anything to change it.

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