Boxcar bertha online dating

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The overall single-channel soundstage is solid, offering modest yet effective atmospherics.A whizzing propeller, loud gunshots, and a plane crash result in some particularly noteworthy oomph, bringing some decent kick to the otherwise restrained mix.

For instance, in one sequence, Bertha meets a man named Rake (Barry Primus) and starts to teach him how to speak in a southern accent.

As he tries to get the hang of pronouncing the word "dear," we quickly cut to the character saying the same word perfectly later on in the story, connecting the otherwise abrupt edit while efficiently speeding the plot along.

An early fight scene is especially notable, employing some jarring cuts to create an unsettling rhythm with each punch.

Likewise, Scorsese uses sudden cuts and key lines of dialogue to tie transitioning scenes together.

The source print is in decent condition, but there are some patches here and there with specks and wear.

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