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I don't own a youtube account but someone should report those perverts. She came to see the new educational centre in the museum I work in (she used to be a teacher, apparently) and was amazingly nice and interested in everything. Jo Brand is straight (and married, not that being married means someone is straight), and jokes all the time about how everyone assumes she's gay.Is it something about this particular woman or is it like that with all videos of beautiful women on youtube? R26 gets cranky when his "all lesbians are ugly cows who are bitter because they can't get a man" agenda is challenged. He also gets cranky when he winks his brown eye at some passing hot straight guy and gets laughed and pointed at. Jo Frost, there are been a fair few rumors she's gay.Saw her again on L&O: UK tonight and she practically gonged Eileen Atkins and |Jean Marsh are not gay.

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In the pictures someone linked further back she is holding hands with this woman on two or three of the pics and the pictures list them as 'Saffron Burrows and her girlfriend...'.

Patricia Routledge I heard lives with ex-Commons Speaker Betty Boothroyd but don't know if that's just gossip. Miranda Richardson lives quietly almost seemingly as a semi-recluse by her own admission, and she keeps cats.

I'm not British, so I don't know most of the the women on the list, but of the dozen or so I AM familiar with, most of them are 1) very attractive, 2) out as lesbians, and 3) currently in a relationship with a women. But anyway, Saffron Burrows is american now and I think, not sure, she's living with a man.

Saffron has been seen and photographed with a blonde woman quite often.

When a high-profile couple is out and highly visible, you count in dog years. She's another one who never discusses her personal life.

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