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This is one of two movies available only for live presentations with Stromberg due to security risk of identifying these gay men from Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire., explores lesbian life and fearful survival in a UN Refugee Camp outside Ghana’s capital city, Accra.

The young lesbian, ‘Rita’, who misses her absent Nigerian mother, talks about how she survives as a poverty-stricken, marginalized refugee in Africa.

Garment Workers – wage hike activism Salary Hunger- Cambodia’s Garment Workers Need Shoppers Help, is a video collaboration between the Workers Information Centre (WIC -Cambodia) & filmmaker Paula Stromberg.

46 minutes/ 8 minute Short In April 2014, Cambodia’s undernourished garment workers earned $80 a month minimum wage, and 29 were shot in January 2014 at demonstrations for a salary hike to $160 a month. The Workers Information Centre is a women’s association that promotes garment workers’ empowerment and human rights.

So what we are trying to say is that this is an immoral thing that people shouldn’t do.” Chhay Bora, who made Cambodia’s first entry to the Oscars in almost two decades, Lost Loves, and more recently 3.50, which has so far been refused release by the Ministry of Culture, said the government needed to set out clear rules for filmmakers.

“If they set out the rules for rating, then everyone can follow the rules,” Bora said, adding that he would be happy to have 3.50 age restricted if necessary.

Chanchaya denied ongoing rumours that Sbek Gong was restricted simply because the producer refused pay a sufficient bribe.

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