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To get help for anything at anytime, click the "Admin" button, and type in a short message about your problem to any Admin that is on the list.Also bear in mind that you are responsible for whatever happens on your account so keep your password a secret.Your profile and username are also subject to this rule, because they are visible to anyone at anytime.

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Typing nonstop is also known as "flooding" and it fills up the scroll bar, which is highly annoying to others.

There is no specific limit about how much you can use capitals, but be aware that in online-lingo, it is considered "yelling", and if you do it constantly, it will constitute spam.

We are not aiming for Disney - think more like The Simpson's.

We do NOT go by: "Well if they don't like it, the minority can leave!

Special Consequence for Propositions to a Minor: Instant permanent ban Everyone deserves respect, of course, but these guys pitch in a little more than your average user.

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