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Chem Draw Cloud is included with Stanford's site license for Chem Draw Professional and Chem Office Professional v16.

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Chem Writer Chem Writer is a new system for displaying and editing chemical structures using standard web technologies: HTML, CSS, and Java Script. i Spartani Spartan is a versatile app for molecular modeling on the i Pad, i Phone, and i Pod Touch. Mobile molecular datasheet The Mobile Molecular Data Sheet (MMDS) provides a way to view and edit chemical structure diagrams on an i Phone, i Pod or i Pad.

Chem Writer is also an ergonomic chemical structure editor that can be used in both Web pages and on mobile devices. The app allows any chemist fast and easy access to computational methods that have proven reliable for a large range of molecules. JSDraw A chemical structure drawing tool, built on pure javascript, supporting all platforms including i Pad and i Phone. The unique and innovative sketcher is optimized for the touchscreen interface, and allows professional quality molecular structures to be drawn quickly and efficiently.

Every one of these objects, well over 500 in total, is a freely rotatable, live object that you can examine from all sides. Chem Doodle Mobile is a calculator for drawn organic structures.

There are four main windows: Draw, Calculate, Spectra and Help.

Mobile resources may be available in i OS or Android, or may be web sites that support mobile devices.

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