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Although its unclear if Tiffany and Ross are continuing their long distance romance, it is apparent that they are leading very different lives.During the solar eclipse in late August, Tiffany happily watched the natural phenomenon with her mother Marla in Washington, D. during her first week of orientation at Georgetown Law.

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Tiffany and Ross started dating in 2015 after they met as students at University of Pennsylvania, and over the years he attended her college graduation, met both of her parents, and enjoyed numerous romantic getaways with her.

However, she is a year older than Ross, and they had to navigate a long-distance relationship while she was living in Manhattan and he was still in school in Philadelphia last year.

When her brother tells her that his girlfriend is coming over, she can't help but wonder what kind of girl would date her loser brother.

Lily Rader walks in the room and introduces herself but Joseline isn't impressed.

'That was pretty cool,' he captioned the image, and Tiffany soon commented on the snapshot.

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