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So, i just go crazy with the tester of jadore on perfume counters!Its elegant, floral, and well blended that it smells simple but with a touch of glamour that reminds me of the truly rich -those ladies that are always clad in muted colours with impeccable hair and nails clutching a expensive handbag on their way to brunch or afternoon tea.So easy to wear and soft can wear it every day in spring or summer.

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My favorite Dior so elegant and classy glamorous sweet and very happy perfume. I like the fruit scents of melon orange plum peach in the parfum and the florals magnolia violet rose orchid freesia many flowers.

The dry part is soft with some musk and with vanilla smell like soap and powder.

It also lasts the whole day, and gets warmer on my skin after a few hours. J'Adore has a lot of notes but they aren't very defined; one can kind of sense the melon or the florals or the musk but mostly it's just a absolute blend that is dewy and elegant.

It is the "cleanest" fragrance I know that doesn't border on too much airiness or wetness. My dad got me the biggest bottle for christmas that year. I like it so much that i wore this for my wedding, 10 years later.

PS Question to anyone who has been wearing J'Adore for years: is my nose just crazy or has this fragrance truly been reformulated? Maybe not enough tonspend $100 on it, but I like it quite a bit. It lasts a long time and it’s strong, but not nauseatingly so. I still wouldn’t buy any of them, but good luck to you if they smell good on you. Some perfume I get it why people love them even I'm not a fan myself, but this one I just couldn't figure out the reason. That's what my mom is and this perfume accentuates it.

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