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It wasn’t long before he would pen his first autobiography, .

His commitment to the anti-slavery movement and, later, to women’s suffrage was undeniable.

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From collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Kanye West and U. K., the soulful Wilson has put his stamp on the music industry also as a solo artist with his Grammy Award-nominated single “There Goes My Baby.” Little-known, however, is his marriage to drug rehab social worker, Mahin. WENN PICTURE CAPTION 11 APRIL 2005 —————————————————- NIELSEN’S TEARS SUGGEST SHE MAY NEVER WED MATTIA —————————————————- BRIGITTE NIELSEN’s planned wedding to toyboy lover MATTIA DESSI may never take place, because the Danish socialite will sever all links with her other lover, FLAVOR FLAV, if she says `I do.’ Nielsen and Italian waiter Dessi were `married’ in a joke ceremony in the Caribbean last month (MAR05), which the Dane has since confirmed was a publicity stunt.

And in the season finale of STRANGE LOVE, which features Nielsen and Flav, real name WILLIAM DRAYTON, romancing each other, the PUBLIC ENEMY star insists he won’t be a part of the blonde’s life if she consents to wed her fiance.

Given Gate’s commitment to elevating the works and identities of black Americans, some may be surprised to find out that in 1973 he married a white woman named Sharon Lynn Adams. A slightly unconventional choice, however given Kanye West’s political leanings and his general desire to encourage black empowerment, it was surprising that his latest fling happens to be with Kim Kardashian. Bush of hating black people and for someone whose lyrics often speak to the struggles young African-Americans face — and black men getting on and leaving black women for white girls— it definitely came as a surprise that West would get his swirl on.

“The King of Calypso” made a name for himself far outside just the entertainment industry.

Former White House adviser Van Jones has spent much of his career working on matters of environmental advocacy and civil rights.

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