Dating danmark Furesø

by  |  15-Sep-2019 18:55

Der er format over stedet og herlig udsigt til haven og de smukke omgivelser.

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If there's a discpline you can't handle then you'll get a time penalty.

You can try the corses before some of the race at certain dates.

There are 6 themes: Polar, Urban, Female, Jungle, Punisher and Terminator with each own unique disciplines.

Get the latest news on Facebook If you are a true survivor – then this is a challenge for you! Mountain Ecolution Race is this year’s MAIN EVENT It will be held on ‘’Hedelands’’, a unique location next to a ski slope and an amphitheatre. The 12 km run is qualifying to the European championships in OCR 2018.

Polar Evolution Race takes place during the ice cold months of the freezing north, close to the polar circle, more specific; Holte. Everlasting honor and glory awaits those who dare to defy the elements when Denmark’s winter bares its teeth. The race will be hilly, unique and in the spirit of a real predator!

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