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- Unser Kabarett- und Comedyfestival geht im Januar in die nächste Runde.

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In the case of certain types of breast cancer immune cells, namely so-called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), these can determine survival rates and predict the usefulness of chemotherapy.

This was shown by the largest meta study on TIL content to date, conducted by the scientists of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) at the Charit Universittsmedizin Berlin in collaboration with the German Breast Group.

The genetic causes for its development are largely unknown and there are no targeted treatments to date. and Canada, have now developed a molecular approach that opens new treatment prospects.

Scientists from the "Hopp Children's Cancer Center at the NCT Heidelberg" (Ki TZ), in collaboration with colleagues from the U. Not only genetic changes but also certain DNA tags play a role in the development of cancer.

In Don Carlitos (Eppelheim) Alle, die 10ercard haben, können den neuen Kurs kostenlos ausprobieren.

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