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by  |  22-May-2019 23:06

Despite this, there are males who are on the lookout to poach other men's females.As we all know, social restrictions on men trying to attract females already in established partnerships are only partially effective.

The male subjects were shown four pictures: an attractive female with or without a partner, and an unattractive one, also either with or without a partner.

They were asked whether they would like a romantic relationship with each female.

Also perhaps it has something to do with competition and proving they're more attractive -- if they can steal a guy from an attractive woman, it proves their "worth" a lot more than getting a date with a guy they've never seen with a woman before.

I don't think any part of the brain is 'bad' or indeed any action.

Then, a chance meeting with Olympic weightlifter Ken Patera, directed Flair to the world of professional wrestling.

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