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Although Nora is devastated by the death of her husband and the secrets he harbored, she reveals that she knew he was having an affair but she chose to ignore it.She is deeply hurt by the depth of his relationship with Holly upon discovering he bought her a house.The doctors inform the new parents that William won't make it, and that they must operate on Elizabeth or risk losing her too.

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Brothers and Sisters follows the lives of The Walker Family who include: Nora Walker, her brother Saul and her children Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin.

The series began with the death of Nora's husband William Walker and follows the discovery that he had a twenty-year affair with Holly Harper and the fact that William and Holly had a child together, Rebecca, that no one knew about.

Sarah also spends time with Tommy trying to unlock the hidden accounts left by their father at the family business.

After being introduced to Holly and discovering she had a child, Sarah figures out the password - the initials of all his children, including Rebecca - S, K, T, K, J, R.

The marriage is further strained when Joe kisses Rebecca.

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