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Your ship has crashed and you are rescued onto a ship full of girls! You are out in galaxy, and are trying to get with the galaxy angel.

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While waiting for new orders from her superiors, she stays at Junta's home to keep a watch on him and learn about his environment (and the girls who could be affected, like Tomoko), and then she meets Ami Kurimoto, Junta's Unlucky Childhood Friend who is the girl who is immune to the Mega Playboy's charm.

Now she has to see what to do before Junta breaks havoc among the female populace!

During the Toki no Byoushin arc, he temporarily transferred to Daisuke's school in order to oversee the Ice and Snow play.

He seems to be able to tell when Dark is in control of Daisuke's body ("Where's that aura of his that makes me wanna just jump on him?!

Unfortunately, she accidentally used a bullet she personally customized to create a "perfect husband" - causing Junta's powers to not only awaken, but be exponentially stronger.

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