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Bad fog caused the attack to be a failure, but one airship, the L22, overflew Haverhill. Another large attack on the 2nd / 3rd of September which was intended to attack London got lost due to bad weather and failed navigation.

The German navy had sent 11 Zeppelin airships and the army sent 3 more. One of the army Zeppelins, the LZ90, then attacked Haverhill.

In 1916 the Government declared that the road from Bury St Edmunds to Haverhill was "of military importance".

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In the 27th June issue of the South West Suffolk Echo there was an advert which said, "The Great Flood at Haverhill. Price-One Penny each." In 1904 Lady Malcolm presented Haverhill with one of its features which had been thought lost for ever.

This was the water trough which stood for years on the Cangle Junction, until it was removed for road junction improvements in the 1960's. The bells of St Mary's church were recast or restored, and a new bell added to bring it up to a minor ring of six.

At the Hamlet end the water reached the entrance to Atterton's foundry.

The rain had begun on mid day Saturday June 13th, continued all through Sunday and on into Monday the 15th.

The Gurteen family also erected a cricket pavilion for the town.

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