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Stay away I've been with Meetme for 2 years now.Started off legitimately looking for a Man but of course failed and finally gave up looking on here as of 3 months ago due to it being a site for hookups Only. Now I began using this site as a way to share posts. well why not Try out the alleged "Boost" they offer to grab more attention.

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At any given time you see hordes of people Doing hard drugs live.

So much gay Hate speech from the clients due to lack of any sort of rip enforcement. You only after watch it for 2 minutes to see how much of it there is.

It cant be ok to take peoples money and not deliver the product.

It takes hours out of someones life to stream for diamonds time they can get back and they deserve to get what is promised.

Hundreds of Redditors have taken to the comments section in agreement with the teacher, suggesting most adults lack the right knowledge to help children navigate the Internet...Dog, Maggie, waits for her owner to come upstairs to turn down the bed, tuck her in and put her to sleep.

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