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[Instead] it becomes about who markets these services the best way.” Next Page: Is a weight-loss retreat for you? Attending a weight-loss retreat is not a decision to be made lightly.

The expense can be considerable, and youll need to take days—if not weeks—off from work or other commitments.

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Some, such as the nationwide chain of Wellspring Retreats, emphasize outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting, surfing, and mountain climbing, while others, such as Duke Universitys Diet and Fitness Center, feature a clinic-like atmosphere.

For a more relaxed approach, theres Green Mountain, a “non-diet” weight-loss program in Vermont exclusively for women. While the theme and day-to-day schedule varies at each retreat, most programs are structured around exercise, healthy meals, and lifestyle education. Contestants on experience dramatic weight loss, but the show has come under fire because its results are sometimes temporary.

She lasted just two weeks before throwing in the towel in July 2007.

“I had this whole concept in my head of ,” she says, referring to the intense (and compulsory) training the contestants get. “Everything was optional, so a lot of people just sat around and talked about losing weight,” she says.

Related links: But as they say in Jenny Craig ads, “Results not typical.” Experts caution that these retreats arent for everyone and dont always work.

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