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(We recommend removing Adobe Flash from your systems because of its constant stream of security flaws and exploitation.Adobe has announced its future termination.) "These updates address an important out-of-bounds read vulnerability that could lead to information exposure....The extension also offers rules-based control, referrer blocking, and "Greasemonkey-style user scripts so you can make webpages work exactly how you want them to." The latest version lets you "store all of your settings and rules in your mac OS keychain", among other improvements.

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(See i Celsius FAQ and support documentation for more details.) i Celsius Blue is priced starting at $39 currently, while i Celsius Wireless starts at $90.

Various probes are available at extra cost, and the equipment is available via Amazon.

Wi Fi support includes 802.11b/g/n and WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption.

Various probes handle temperature ranges as broad as -30° to 250°C and relative humidity from 0-100%.

i Celsius 2.2.14 is a free download for i OS 8 and up.

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