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However, even with a touchscreen, I’ve still come across times where my fingertip was too wide for the minor adjustment I needed to make (or the tweak would have been a lot simpler with a more precise tool).

This is where I’ve really come to love the Apple Pencil.

And as I’ve mentioned many times before, PDF Expert’s excellent interface is incredibly simple and easy to use, which means I can quickly work my way through documents and send them on their way in minutes.

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I only wish the i Pad and Notability would have been around during my days of sitting through two-hour lectures and recitations. As apps have gotten better and better, my need to open my Mac Book and launch Photoshop has shrunk.

(Disclaimer: I still use Photoshop on my Mac every single day, but my dependency is constantly shrinking.) Editing travel and personal photos is one task I’ve grown to enjoy doing much more on my i Pad than my Mac, with Pixelmator specifically.

I can use correction and repair tools in the smallest of spots, or even use the side of the Apple Pencil to quickly shade an area of a photo.

When it comes to precision control, the Apple Pencil has quickly become an invaluable utility for me in apps like Pixelmator.

My i Pad’s touchscreen gives me much finer control over little details.

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