Gay boy dating

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“Before you talk, make sure you are both aware that you are having a serious conversation about sexual orientation and your relationship status, and make sure that it’s at an appropriate time,” she says.“Trying to discuss your boyfriend’s bisexuality while intoxicated at a loud party doesn’t make for a very thoughtful discussion.

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” Even though your level of openness and honesty might differ depending on your relationship, there are a couple of sexual-orientation-conversation no-nos.

“Definitely don’t ask him if he’s ‘sure’ he’s bisexual,” Jane says.

“Sexual orientation is already a sensitive subject, and questioning a part of your boyfriend’s identity can feel insulting and could even turn him off to a conversation altogether.” Jane recommends not talking about past sexual encounters during this first conversation.

“It may come across as really inappropriate to ask your bisexual boyfriend how many guys and girls he’s slept with, so keep the sexual partner count off-limits for now! “Instead, talk about boundaries like you would in any other relationship. This is something that’s important regardless of whom your partner is attracted to, and it could prevent issues with jealously or insecurity later on.” 3.

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Gay boy dating

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