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It was used to refer to saltatory changes producing new forms in an abrupt, non-gradual manner.

sedimentary /sed-ə-MENT-er-ee, British: sed-ə-MEN-tree/ adj. sequencing Determination of the order of nucleotides (base sequences) in a DNA or RNA molecule or the order of amino acids in a protein. A fluid, resembling blood serum, secreted into the cavities of the body by the serous membranes, which line them. See also: mutation, polymorphism, single-gene disorder. single variations An obsolete term much in use in evolutionary discussion during the 19th century, for example in Darwin's writings. When this occurs, each forms a duplicate of itself and the resulting two structures, called sister chromatids, are joined at the centromere. An instrument used to accurately administer small amounts of fluid; when a needle is attached to a syringe it can be used to make injections. systematist One who engages in the practice of systematics. On the Origins of New Forms of Life Mammalian Hybrids Cat-rabbit Hybrids: Fact or fiction?

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There are two sex chromosome systems (1) the XX /XY system, where XY individuals are male, and XX individuals are female (the usual system, for example, in mammals and butterflies); and (2) the WW/WZ system; where WW individuals are male, and WZ individuals are female (the normal system in birds, for example). sex linkage A linkage involving a locus on the X or Z chromosome. A region of modern Russia that formerly existed as a separate continent of the same name. Also known as the sigmoid flexure of the descending colon. Any process in which a cell changes one type of stimulus into another.

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