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What caused the decline in modern times, and what have we overlooked? In 2004, 27-year-old Stephanie Saldana moved from Harvard Divinity School to Damascus, Syria, to study the role of the Prophet Jesus in Islam.

At a time when the Iraq war towers over the presence of this young American woman in the Middle East and Syria faces serious political turmoil, she lived among war refugees, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and gradually worked her way to a deeper understanding of herself, her faith, and the possibility of true love. Are your questions and concerns about Islam being addressed in this series?

It has been described as a universal journey for transcendence and peace, but will that change this year given the fear surrounding H1N1?

What does it mean to 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide?

We discuss our national and personal reactions with inter-faith expert and inter-cultural advocates.

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