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by  |  24-May-2019 18:32

You could always try to uninstall and reinstall Norton. I am not fully sure that Norton is compatible with Outlook 2016. I have Norton Security and Outlook 365 and I get messages sent to my spam folder which I don't want sent there.

But honestly there is no need to use Outlook anymore. You could always try to uninstall and reinstall Norton. So my problem with spam is that Norton is too active, not too idle.

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I check the blocked list and it is very long but emails in there still arrive. The program integrates into the task bar but doesn't actually sort anything. Your best bet is if you don't know the answer, just move on. Windows 10 Pro, MS Office 365 Version16.0.7167.2060, Norton Security with all updates as well. Will dig deeper and see if I can find the supposed solutions in these forums. Some people think they need Outlook to check their web based email. But if you have your own domain and email then yes.

I was also wondering if there is a file name length issue for very long email addresses that are spam, a carry over from earlier days of limited length file names? All Outlook does is get your email from your email provider such as Yahoo or Gmail. When I tell it for the hundredth time a particular email is spam it will put it in the spam folder, and empty when that button is pushed. Google does try to rule the world but not in this case. Same Norton Anti-Spam behaviour here... was working fine and then it seemed to stop working on 10 September.

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