Helen fisher dating site

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" The only thing she disagreed with was a sentence that read: "When Shana observes without commenting, others may think she isn't interested or engaged." "I have never ever thought that," my coworker wrote.

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Should I ever work up the nerve to tell a new coworker or manager, "This is how I prefer to communicate," it will be helpful to have these results to look back on.

There were a few sentences in my Neuro Color report that I kept going back to, including, "Shana enjoys the flash of brilliance she feels when she reads about or discusses the unexplored or something that wasn't known before." It's not something I'm planning to share in future meetings with my coworkers.

Fisher is a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and a leading expert on the science of love and relationships.

The compatibility questionnaire on dating site Match, which has now been taken by upwards of 14 million people across the globe, is her handiwork.

I enjoy spending time with other people — especially people who are funny and talkative — even if I don't end up saying much.

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