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Idea: The three awesome bears are arriving in Bulgaria again.

Description: We created an installation in Sofia’s center where everybody could make a selfie with the bears through a city light and download/scan instantly their picture.

While observing her activity on Instagram, it all seemed very innocent."We hear perennial complaints about spots in our game where this activity is said to take place, and Moon Guard Goldshire appears in that list with some regularity," said the rep."Members of our Customer Services team will 'patrol' Goldshire on Moon Guard on a regular basis, and take appropriate action for individuals violating the Harassment Policy." Saucy role-players be warned: keep it private, because the fantasy sex police never sleeps.

The programme is rooted in the European tradition of classical music, and from 2010, ethnomusical perspectives are included.

Lørdag er det klart for Oslo Sinfonietta med skuespiller Kim Haugen under Oslo Kammermusikkfestivals paraply.

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