House wife chat meet wife

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”“I don’t think so baby,” Christy said softly, “please don’t misunderstand me.”“I understand baby.”“I couldn’t let you see me naked now, it just wouldn’t feel right.”I held her hand and whispered that I understood.“So what are you going to do about sex while he is away? ”“Chris tells me that he has an idea; he will talk to me about it tonight, in bed.”We ate dinner and Chris came over, we had a few glasses of wine before they went to bed together. ” I asked.“Of course,” Christy replied, “He is Chris’s best friend and he will be living at Chris’s while he is away.”“Continue,” I smiled.“Chris has suggested that he loans me to his friend, while he is away.”“I see, and have you met this friend?

”“I will just have to find a lover, if you don’t mind, of course.”“I don’t mind at all, you need to be fucked, so will it be a black lover? I was anxious to hear of his idea but knew that I wouldn’t be told until the following evening. ”“No, not yet,” Christy said softly, “he wants me to go over and meet him tonight.”“Okay.”“Apparently, he is very strong-willed and very dominant,” Christy smiled, “and Chris tells me that is cock is even bigger than his!

he left and my husband joined me in the bed that I had just been sexed in... We have three kids and recently moved to the Highlands Ranch Colorado. I have never gotten to see another man **** or *** in my wife but she has cucked me.

House wife chat meet wife

I stood there as he kissed her again and placed his hands on her ass, my erection was obvious as they broke from their kiss.“Hi, dude,” Jason said as he put his arm around my wife’s shoulder.

I was stuttering as I replied, “Hi, I’m Steve, Christy’s husband.”“I am Jason, her new lover.”He seemed very sure of himself as he went on, “I am going to fuck her in every position possible; and she is going to be completely controlled by me for the time that Chris is away, okay! “Hm, okay.”“Chris tells me that he sleeps with her in your bed, every other night.”“Yes, that’s right,” I replied.“For the time that Chris is away, you will only sleep with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Jason went on, “I will be in your bed with her on every other night.”“Oh, okay,” I replied. He was now taking control and telling me how he was going to use my bed and my wife.“Even on the days that she sleeps with you, she will come over here and suck me off,” Jason finished with, “she will hold my cum in her mouth and show you when she comes home, then she swallows it, okay! Christy squeezed my hand and I looked into her eyes.

I asked her and she told me that Chris had been approached by Google to head a new development team in Atlanta.

It would mean that he would be away for around six months and although she was happy for this new opportunity for him, she would not see him for that time.

They were going to give him an apartment and a six-figure salary; it was a great opportunity for him.

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