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This Review Is Helpful, I genuinely learned how to learn and now I am confident that I will excel at any software postition that I enter.

My background is in Civil Engineering and I previously coded in Java, but I had never experienced this level of intense learning until now.

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The program teaches computer science, full-stack Java Script (notably React and Node), software architecture, and machine learning, preparing graduates for mid to senior engineering positions.

The course also features preparatory material, extensive hiring preparation, and ongoing support with students’ job searches.

Codesmith offers scholarships for talented people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Codesmith also offers a small number of Dean's scholarships where Codesmith will contribute 25% of fees to candidates in need The Codesmith Machine Learning Alumni Program is an intensive part-time program for Codesmith Alumni focused on in-depth learning of the theory, algorithms, and libraries used by machine learning engineers in the field, with a focus on developing real-world machine learning portfolio projects.

The reason people who only watch programming videos don't become programmers is because they're not programming.

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