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– has a half dozen songs that could make this list (just ask Colton, who voted for each of them to make the cut).

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Intimidating music songs arianny dating roger huerta

There are few things we at Earn This love more than a good musical — particularly a well-animated or -choreagraphed Disney musical.

“Let It Go” has yet to thaw from the Billboard Top 10, and we’re creeping up on the 25th anniversary of , a film that launched a thousand Buzzfeed “only 90s kids” articles.

They fill all their tunes with plenty of soul, but for me the fast-paced “Zero to Hero” takes the cake.

– on VHS and was obliquely aware of the TV series, it was many years before I actually saw the original film again.

features a few memorable songs, but my favorite is the heart-warming ballad “Ma Belle Evangeline.” Voice-acting genius and New Orleans resident Jim Cummings is accompanied by trumpeter Terence Blanchard, and he sings about falling in love with a star in the sky. – Here’s a song that flies through a half-dozen styles in intensely cartoony fashion, and all before the genie is even introduced!

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