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But now the town is poised to buy 99 acres along the Hudson River near the Indian Point nuclear complex that includes land where the wider high-pressure pipeline will be buried at least 3 feet deep.

It also wants to make some money from the energy deal….. The tiny village of Buchanan, which lies within the town of Cortlandt, includes Indian Point, and has a long history of negotiating with the utilities.

Spectra’s new southern route follows a strip of land, less than a half-acre, that winds by a ball field behind the village Highway Department’s salt shed off Westchester Avenue.

I hiked back there on Tuesday with Village Administrator Kevin Hay, who pointed out the route, where stakes with white flags stood among the scrub brush.

Acest dispozitiv cu siguranta reprezinta un real ajutor in bucataria dumneavoastra.

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In celebration of that milestone, they launched a scholarship program, asking these children to submit a short video about their parents’ love story under the hashtag #matchmade.…
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