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However, the operation took a drastic turn at 6.30 pm on Monday, 7 July 2003, when doctors found that the new vein they had created in Ladan’s brain using a graft from her right thigh was blocked.

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Upon learning of the successful separation of 10-month-old Nepalese twins, Ganga and Jamuna, in April 2001, Laleh and Ladan decided to come to Singapore to determine the feasibility of being operated on by Singapore doctors.

The operation was to be undertaken by Raffles Hospital, a private hospital opened by Raffles Medical Group in 2001.

However, 29-year-old twins, who were born conjoined at their heads, did not survive the operation, dying within 90 minutes of each other on 8 July 2003.

Separation of adult Siamese twins had never been attempted before in the world prior to Laleh and Ladan’s case.

Such an operation could kill or disable permanently either one or both of them, as it involves complex brain surgery on the adult twins’ fused brains.

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