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National Enquirer BI from June of 2011:"Which iconic sci-fi sex symbol with a history of bad relationships has gone lesbian? At least she's different to other Hollywood women who loudly proclaim their bisexuality while only ever publically dating/marrying men.

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She, Penny, Carrie, and Margot Kidder traveled in the same quasi-lez circles for years.

Her father was famous blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Waldo Salt.

It threw me into confusion when she revealed she had ex husbands.

That said, I saw A League of their own and I didn't add 1 1 with Rosie O'Donnell.

If she went lez, it would be with a gorgeous trophy lipstick lez. Carrie Fisher has been hinting about this for 30 years. Your coming out would have had much more impact on a gay-hating society if you came out 30 years ago. God, you show people are pathetic.[quote]Rob and Penny's daughter Tracy played "Betty Spaghetti" in A League of Their Own (the one whose husband died)[quote]I have a faint memory from somewhere that Tracy Reiner is ROB's daughter from a previous marriage...

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