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However, your question really was about mixing benedryl with your current meds.

I would say it is never recommended to take benedryl and ambien together, as they are both too sedating.

Like many medications available these days, there are more than 100 minor drug interactions that patients should be aware of when taking Xanax.

These medications include: This is only a short list of medications that contain diphenhydramine; there are dozens more that may also cause moderate interactions.

Patients should be sure to mention all of the medications they take to their pharmacists in order to monitor for potential issues.

Benedryl (diphenhydramine)is a powerful antihistamine. It works by blocking the response of smooth muscle in your nose/sinuses to histamine, which is a potent vasodilator released during an allergy attack.

This is what makes your nose run when exposed to an allergen, eventually causing sinus congestion.

Propoxyphene is a narcotic chemical that is used to treat mild to moderate pain when over the counter pain relievers are not effective.

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