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Cartoon HD is an entertainment app for i OS and Android that lets you stream your favorite cartoons and movies for free!

The app was pulled from the App Store in 2013 but the app was still available for download on their site.

Before streaming services and over-the-top boxes, you would pick a cable package with a set number of television channels.

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But now, with cord-cutting becoming more popular and hit shows releasing exclusively on streaming services like Netflix, to find out what’s available, when it’s available, and what episode you are on could become a time-consuming chore. We tested a bunch of apps and found that Television Time is the best TV tracker for i OS.

Before testing a variety of TV trackers, we determined what attributes made one the best.

Once you have begun searching and adding shows, they are listed by air date from the most upcoming to the furthest away.

Shows are displayed nicely with their current season’s poster artwork.

Unfortunately, the app and site has since been taken down sometime early this month. Flixanity is a free site that you can use on your browser to stream your favorite movies and show.

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