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It will indeed numb your tongue and mouth, and while that is not totally unpleasant, it is weird.Like the hot sensation of chili pepper, the numbing of Sichuan pepper is detected not by the sensory nerves for taste but by those for touch.

Hua jiao is actually the fruit of a shrub related to the prickly ash that is native to Sichuan. As the little berry dries, it spreads open into a flower shape and releases it seeds, which are not eaten.

You’ll sometimes see Sichuan peppercorn translated as prickly ash in the U. In Sichuan, you find hua jiao in an array of colors, from green to brownish red to bright red, which (contrary to what I previously wrote here) are different species.

If you have had Sichuan food in America during the past few years made the Sichuan way (vs. The reason is fairly obvious, since almost all of America’s Chinese restaurants were historically run by immigrants from Canton and other southern China provinces.

Their cuisines don’t even make use of chilies, much less Sichuan pepper.

However, I knew she liked spicy food, so after a couple of months I made that mala cabbage, stir-fried with dried chili peppers and Sichuan peppers.

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