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Amber Rudd, pictured with her father Tony, has told how he was scammed by con artists who posed as police and a bank manager into using his credit card to buy them an expensive watch in an elaborate scam But when he handed it over to them they disappeared, leaving him feeling deeply embarrassed when he realised he had fallen victim to a fraud.

He's also in an upcoming sci-fi film called Mute that's been made by Moon director Duncan Jones and also stars Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Sam Rockwell.

Amber Rudd today revealed how her late father was conned by criminals who posed as bank staff and police to trick him into parting with his cash.

'He laid low feeling humiliated and embarrassed.'Ms Rudd said her father's horror at falling prey to the scam has left her even more determined to ensure the criminals behind it are caught.

She said it is 'not fair that there is money going into the pockets of criminals ..

Eventually that marriage dissolved due to his drinking and cheating, but apparently there are no hard feelings.

Justin rudd sex chat

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