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But after I watched this, I thought, there was a girl who fell in love with a boy, but then another girl approached the girl, then they fell in love. But the feeling of supporting him to be with the first female lead, Momo Adachi was no longer there.

The story line was typical Japanese dorama, to be honest. I didn't read the manga, so I can't compare her character in live action and the manga. The problem is I felt annoyed when she cried a lot and the camera stayed for quite sometime. Typical Japanese romance movies won't do that much, in my opinion.

From the members themselves, however, they said that “We’ll rather disband than take a break”.

It’s very difficult for the members to come to this resolve after all the achievements they have had for the past few years.

We have also planned to commemorate their 25th anniversary of their debut as well as the 20th anniversary of their show by doing promotional events and even concerts.

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