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Important when the use of company vehicles are involved.

Contacts are made with professional or personal references to gain insight into the applicants personal behavior, personal characteristics, stability, work habits, ability to work and get along with others, and more.

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Kentucky sex offender web site

This search establishes an investigative starting point and allows for a more complete background check, including determining the proper jurisdictions and counties to search when performing felony and misdemeanor criminal searches.

This search verifies that the name provided by the applicant, their date of birth and their social security number matches with the Social Security Administration's records on the applicant. Reveals credit history, including paying habits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, as well as previous addresses, prior employment, any variations in their social security number, and possible aliases used.

Data Check also offers both lab based drug testing and employer drug test kits.

Human resources managers should be fully aware of a potential employee's driving record, employment history, and sex offender registry status.

Background checks and other pre-employment screening services are integral parts of the hiring process.

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