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“However, shoes that are not long enough in children and that are not wide enough in adults are associated with bunion formation.

High-heeled shoes worn by women are also associated with bunion formation and are likely to be the answer why women have a higher incidence of bunions than men.” [Read more: What is 'pins and needles', and when you should worry] Unfortunately, it’s extremely unlikely you could correct a bunion once it’s formed without surgery – but you can help them, along with the pain and symptoms associated with them.

“When wearing heels avoid a pointed toe box, keep the wearing time to a minimum to prevent friction to the bunion and remove the shoes where possible during the period of wearing.

At all times ask yourself, ‘Are my shoes comfortable?

The exact cause of bunion formation remains unclear but it is believed to result from a number of factors rather than just one.” [Read more: Swollen glands: What does it mean] In some cases, yes, says Dave.

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