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Historically, the only reason you get 100% of your applications taken down is due to a major policy violation of some sort - most other offenses tend to be punished in other more minor ways or Facebook lets you know that you have non-compliance that needs to be addressed and a timetable for getting back in compliance.

For example, the top part of the app prominently displays an ad for Dante’s Inferno, including details like the February 9, 2010 release date and the supported consoles, Xbox 360, PSP and Playstation 3.

Meanwhile, for the many users who are getting into the RPG version, they can do the usual activities of buying virtual goods to help them succeed in it — buying “tokens” with real money or earning them through advertising offers.

It has made a number of conceptually similar forays onto Facebook already this year, including apps to promote titles including Need for Speed: Nitro, and an earlier, simpler promotion for Dante’s Inferno, where you could “banish” your Facebook friends to various levels of hell.

Meanwhile, Lolapps has been busy partnering with console gaming companies and others, creating well-stylized RPGs themed around whatever their partners are trying to promote.

Earlier this fall, for example, it launched Champions Online, the RPG version of Atari’s Champions Online massive multiplayer game.

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