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There will be plenty of priests to choose from for individual confession.17th: Children’s Sacrament of Reconciliation 3.00pm Christmas Services Schedule will be in next week’s bulletin We are currently updating the website and recommend you revisit soon.Carrying on as your Parish Priest in these conditions is not fair to you, you deserve better.

Whether Fr Abraham stays here or is appointed to another Parish will depend on himself and the Bishop.

The arrangement I was in the process of establishing whereby the SVP would help with the house-to-house visitation of the Parish will now need to be put on hold. First of all, there is the parting from the parish you have devoted your life to for the past several years, from people whose joys and sorrows you have deeply shared.

Seren y Mor is now fully occupied: Sr Jennifer on the ground floor, Monsignor Fealey on the first and myself on the second (Flat 3). There is still a month before 11 September, when I will have served you as your priest for eighteen years and eight months.

I look forward to that Jubilee celebration with the Bishop and yourselves and ask you to thank God for all the graces and benefits He has given me and to pardon me for my many failings and shortcomings.

Carols led by Midnight Mass Christmas Day 9.30am Mass St.

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