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confounded me, delightfully so…I have little patience with literary novels that claim to have the propulsive momentum of a thriller, yet Millet pulls it off…It is Anna's voice―cool, intelligent, passionate, contradictory―that makes this novel so affecting…[H]ow I missed it when it was gone, how I yearned for it to speak to me again.” - Laura Lippman, “[W]e have a real thriller on our hands…part of a higher-stakes game being played by Millet, one that will ultimately, unabashedly touch on time, beauty, horror, God, demons and the very nature of being.

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But once I have the reader’s attention I feel it is my right to pull it in whichever direction I choose.

I don’t think the reader should be indulged as a consumer, because he isn’t one.

Love truly blossomed at an event organised by his mother’s dating agency, Heart Venture. My girlfriend and I to be like birds of a feather,” interjects Daniel.

Carol started the business two years ago with a family friend, Diane Sharkey, after Daniel moved into a supported living house nearby with four friends.

Literature that indulges the tastes of the reader is a degraded literature.

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