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He lives in a house in south Provo with roommates Harkey and Berg from the show, drives a Toyota Corolla that’s “pretty good on gas,” and “I still eat frozen chimichangas all the time and my T-shirts usually come in packs of four if that gives you an idea of me.” Although, to be fair, he does own the house — and he’s building another one.

On Wednesday, October 19, thousands of youth turned on their computers to hear their questions answered by the adored comedy sketch group, Studio C.

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At church, the kids from other wards come by just to meet him.” As for Matt Meese, he accepts that acclaim and attention come with the territory and willingly obliges his growing fan base.

“Unless it’s a weird situation, like (when people ask to take a picture with him) at funerals, for example, which does happen.” In many ways, life hasn’t changed that much. He’s still single, despite — or maybe because of — being tagged as BYU’s Most Eligible Bachelor by BYU’s newspaper, the Daily Universe, and by choice he continues to maintain a college-like existence.

“When my kids saw you, I didn’t know what had happened, I literally thought there was a rat in the restaurant,” is how O'Brien explained the scene a few months later on the set of “Conan” when he invited Meese and Stacey Harkey to return to Los Angeles and talk about "Studio C" on his TBS talk show.

“They don’t react this way to anybody and they started screaming, ‘Studio C,’ ‘Studio C,’ and they ran to you guys.” • • • How has fame, fortune and celebrity changed Meese?

PROVO — As Matt Meese walked into the pizza place in Santa Monica, California, he caught a glimpse of celebrity comedian Conan O’Brien on the other side of the restaurant.

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