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My wife Jelena and I are expecting our second child, and we are preparing to welcome a new family member.These are things that fill me with greatest happiness and delight.Buzinski pointed out that Olympic athletes “have the attention of the world for two weeks.""The Olympics offers a platform that nothing else offers.” By coming out, he added, athletes “help remove the stigma that there’s something wrong with being gay.

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He came out in Seoul in 1988 during his second Olympics, and then was joined by fellow equestrian Guenter Seidel in 2004. has trailed other developed countries when it comes to out male Olympians. The state legislature's lower house approved the measure over the weekend in a less restrictive form than originally proposed, and it now moves to the state senate for action. American athletes’ dependence on corporate sponsorship may have had an impact on why many of them chose to remain in the closet in the past, according to Walters, though he said this is less of an issue currently.“[U. athletes] really rely on their corporate sponsors more than other countries do,” Walters said.

Then there was openly gay diver Patrick Jeffrey, who competed in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Since 2004, gay men from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Tonga have competed. “I think that’s a big part of why these athletes from the ’80s [stayed in the closet].

“All the doctors I’ve consulted, and all the specialists I have visited, in Serbia and all over the world, have agreed that this injury requires rest.

A prolonged break from the sport is inevitable," he said in a statement. I will use the upcoming period to strengthen my body and also to improve certain tennis elements that I have not been able to work on over the past years, due to a demanding schedule.

After coming out, Kenworthy signed with Visa, Toyota, Ralph Lauren, Deloitte and 24 Hour Fitness.“It’s absolutely true — I think I’m more marketable now as an out athlete,” Kenworthy said in an interview with Sports Business Journal.

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