Midsummer online dating

by  |  21-Aug-2019 19:26

TAYLOR WRIGHT (u/s Josh, Darius, Alex) Off-broadway debut!

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Considering the tumultuous times we’re in, audiences seem to be searching for some kind of escapism.

What better way to escape than by going to the theater? How do you establish the boundaries of an open relationship?

READ MORE In the great minefield of difficult conversations to have with your partner, this one is probably right up there. And what happens when those boundaries are crossed?

How do you even start to talk to the person you love about possibly …

There is no long-term afterglow for the characters in Gelman’s play. It comes from experiencing an impressive calling card from a gifted new playwright and director.” – OFFOFFONLINE “Nope. Taking a slow walk back to the hotel to reflect and move past the feelings I’m experiencing, but there could not be a more relevant show on modern day dating, marriage, and commitment issues.

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